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Terms and Conditions
TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the rental of Villa Cerah, Bali. Article 1. DEFINITIONS 1. In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:     - Landlord: the person who offers the accommodation to a person or to a group of people.     - Rental agreement: the agreement, recorded by means of a signed offer, a payment by the tenant or a mutually confirmed email, in which the landlord undertakes       vis-à-vis the other party to provide the accommodation offered by him for the fixed period.     - Tenant: the counterparty of the landlord who has accepted the lease.     - Deposit: amount to be paid in advance that serves as a deposit for the subsequent payment of the electricity costs and any damage and/or repair costs.     - Week: A week is understood to mean: 7 nights 2. All amounts stated are in euros. Article 2. THE RENTAL AGREEMENT 1. An offer and/or a quotation is valid for a maximum of 7 days from the date of the offer, unless stated otherwise in the correspondence and the maximum period of     validity stated therein applies. 2. The rental agreement is concluded by the lessee's acceptance of the landlord's offer and the subsequent payment of the deposit within the specified period, or in the     case of Last Minute bookings, the full payment including the deposit within the specified period. The offer and acceptance can be made in writing or by email. In the     case of telephone or e-mail registration, the day on which the personal data such as name, address and date of birth or otherwise agreed shall apply. 3. The landlord's offer is without obligation until the landlord has received the deposit, unless otherwise agreed. 4. The day of arrival, the tenant can check in from 2 p.m. On the day of departure, the tenant must check out no later than 12:00 noon. Article 3. RENTAL SUM 1. The rent applies to the entire villa and includes the facilities as stated on the websites, unless otherwise indicated or agreed. 2. The tenant can no longer claim the agreed rental period if the tenant fails to pay the entire rent or parts thereof. Article 4. PAYMENT 1. A down payment must be made when the rental agreement is concluded. The amount of the deposit is 40% of the rent (excluding deposit), this must be paid within 7     days after booking/reservation. 2. The remainder of the rent, plus the deposit, must be in the possession of the landlord no later than 6 weeks before the first day of the rental period. 3. If the agreement is concluded as a Last Minute Booking, the entire rent (plus the deposit) must be paid within 3 days after receipt of the reservation confirmation by the     tenant. 4. In the event of late payment, the tenant is in default. 5. If payment is not made, the agreement will be considered cancelled by the tenant on the first day of default. The landlord then has the right to charge cancellation costs     as stipulated in Art. 6. 6. By cooperating with other advertising sites, deviations may occur in the payment terms such as in paragraph 1 (deposit) and paragraph 2 (payment of the remainder of     the rent) of article 6 of these General Terms and Conditions. If applicable, this will be clearly communicated to the tenant. Article 5. DEPOSIT 1. A deposit of € 150.00 must be paid with every booking. This must be paid 6 weeks before the first day of rental. 2. The exceptional electricity costs and/or Internet costs are determined after the rental period and settled with the deposit. 3. If there are costs for the landlord after the rental period, for which the tenant is liable, these costs will be deducted from the deposit. 4. Settlement with the deposit will also take place if the tenant can claim compensation from his travel insurance. 5. If the deposit has not been settled in full, the landlord undertakes to refund the remaining deposit within two weeks after the rental period. 6. The tenant undertakes to pay the costs that exceed the amount of the deposit to the landlord within two weeks of receipt of the invoice. Article 6. CANCELLATION POLICY 1. In the event that the rental agreement is cancelled by the tenant, cancellation costs are due, namely: - Payments (excluding the deposit) are non-refundable. The tenant is advised to take out cancellation insurance. - In the event of cancellation, the deposit will be fully refunded to the tenant. Article 7. SPECIAL PROVISIONS 1. The landlord has the right to cancel the rental agreement due to unforeseen circumstances beyond its control. This includes: political unrest, war, weather conditions,     fire, natural disasters, strikes, riots, etc. In such a case, the landlord will refund the fully paid rent (including deposit). 2. If changes and delays at the beginning and during the rental period are caused by circumstances that are not attributable to the landlord, the landlord is not liable for     the resulting costs or damage suffered. 3. Villa Cerah reserves the right to change its prices and season dates in the meantime, except for those of agreements already concluded. 4. Villa Cerah and its owners are not liable for damage, accident or theft in the villa or on the grounds of Villa Cerah. The tenant is advised to insure himself against this     by means of a travel (accident) insurance. Article 8. OBLIGATIONS OF THE TENANT 1. On departure, during the journey and during the stay at the destination, the tenant is obliged to be in possession of all valid (travel) documents required for that     destination/location. Travel documents such as passport, visa, etc. relevant authorities and institutions to be checked for applicability, completeness and topicality.     The landlord does not accept any liability regarding the incorrectness of this. 2. The tenant must behave as a correct tenant during the rental period. 3. The tenant who causes nuisance or inconvenience during the rental period can be excluded from continuing the stay by the landlord or by his representative on site. 4. The tenant is obliged to provide relevant personal circumstances or data that are important for the stay at the destination. This provision does not only concern a     mental or physical handicap but also other qualities that are important for the stay, or for the tenant himself or for the representative of the landlord. Article 9. HELP AND ASSISTANCE 1. If a shortcoming in the conditions is attributable to the landlord, the resulting costs will be borne by the landlord. 2. The tenant is obliged to submit these costs with proper proof of payment. 3. If the tenant has provided personal information (see Article 8-4) that is important for the implementation of the stay in the villa, the landlord or his representative on     site, depending on the circumstances and within his ability, is obliged to to provide assistance and assistance. Article 10. COMPLAINTS 1. A shortcoming in the execution of the agreement must be reported to the representative of the landlord as soon as possible and on the spot. If this shortcoming     cannot be resolved at that time and affects the quality of the stay, the tenant must report this to the landlord or his representative on site. 2. If a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved at the destination, the tenant must draw up a written report, submit it to and have it signed by the representative of the     landlord on site. The tenant sends this report to the landlord as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after leaving the accommodation. 3. If a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved, a tenant can turn to the competent court. Article 11. INTEREST AND COLLECTION COSTS 1. A tenant who has not fulfilled his payment obligations on time, owes an interest of 1% per month on the amount owed. If necessary, the tenant must pay collection    costs equal to 15% of the amount claimed with a minimum of € 75.00. Article 12. LIABILITY AND APPLICABILITY OF LAW 1. A person who books a trip for (also) other participants is considered a tenant within the meaning of the rental agreement. This person is jointly and severally liable     for all others and serves (also) for the other participants to pay the full rent. 2. In the case of underage tenants, this must be reported and it must be demonstrated (if not traveling together) that either parents or guardians or carers have given     permission. 3. The tenant is personally liable for the use of all electrical appliances. If there is no negligence on the part of the landlord, all damage incurred and suffered is the     tenant's liability. 4. Dutch law applies to all agreements between landlord and lessee to which these general terms and conditions apply. Article 13. LIABILITY AND SAFETY AROUND AND IN THE SWIMMING POOL 1. Parents of young children, as well as guests who cannot swim, should take the following into account: There are no fencing around the pool, the shallow end     (approx. 1/3 of the pool from the steps) is approx. 0.80 meters deep and then descends further to approximately 2 meters deep. 2. Parents are responsible and liable for the safety of their children in and around the pool. 3. The tenant is personally liable and responsible for responsible safe behaviour around and in the swimming pool. It is not allowed to dive into the pool from the edge     in the shallow end. Article 14. DIFFERENT AND/OR SPECIAL AGREEMENTS AND PROVISIONS 1. Deviating agreements must be included in the rental agreement, in the reservation confirmation or agreed in an email or letter exchange. 2. In the event of a sale of the villa, all current rental agreements concluded until the date of transfer will be maintained and respected as much as possible.     The associated (financial) rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord will then be transferred to a new owner. The current bookings will be handled entirely     under the responsibility and at the expense of the new owners after the transfer. 3. These general terms and conditions will also continue to apply to bookings referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, or will be transferred to the new landlord/owner     to the same effect. 4. If no agreement can be reached in the event of a sale of the villa between buyer and seller with regard to the takeover of current bookings, contrary to the provisions    of paragraph 2, the landlord will give the tenant as much as possible at the discretion of the landlord. equivalent an alternative rental object. Any additional costs for    comparable products and services that would apply to Villa Cerah, will be paid according to reasonableness by the landlord.   Article 15. ANY TRANSLATION DIFFERENCES In the event of differences in the interpretation of these terms and conditions translated from the Dutch language into the English language, the Dutch version of these terms and conditions shall be leading and decisive. Almere 2012. (Last amended 07-11-2022. Applicable to agreements on and after this date of amendment)